Common Questions about Electric Fencing in Opportunity

all terrain fencesAre you considering having electric fencing installed on your property in Opportunity, Washington? Electric fencing is appropriate for all kinds of livestock and is effective at keeping animals on and off of your land. It’s also less harmful than alternatives, such as barbed wire; so you can rest easy knowing your livestock won’t be injured. Additionally, a fencing expert can install your electric fence quickly and at a price you’ll appreciate. Despite all of the benefits, however, this option may not be optimal for your specific situation. Before making your final decision, carefully consider the answer to each of the following common questions customers have about electric fencing in Opportunity.

Are electric fences expensive to install?

Fortunately, electric fencing is no more expensive to install than any other fencing solution. In most cases, the materials needed cost less than barbed wire. The installation is also simple, so labor costs should be low as well.

Is this a temporary or permanent solution?

Electric fencing can be a permanent solution for animal containment or exclusion. High tensile power fencing has a comparable lifespan to barbed wire fencing.

Can I use electric fencing for poultry?

This is an ideal solution for both poultry and livestock fencing. As long as you choose electric netting and all of your birds are non-flying, it will work perfectly. It will also deter predators from entering.

Think Electric Fencing is Right for Your Property in Opportunity?

Do you think that electric fencing is right for you and your property in Opportunity, Washington? To receive expert fencing advice and quality installation services, contact the professionals at All Terrain Fence today! Our specialists are highly-experienced and can assist you with all fence installations. We also provide expert custom panels, gates & entryways, and rock drilling services. We look forward to being your number one solution for electric fencing in Opportunity!

Electric Fencing Professionals in Opportunity

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