The Most Common Cattle Fencing Mistakes in Deer Park

cattle fencing mistakes, cattle fencingAre you contemplating livestock fencing for your cattle? It’s best to leave the installation to a fencing professional. We do not advise that farmers and ranchers in Deer Park tackle the job on their own. When property owners attempt self-installation, it leads to some serious cattle fencing mistakes. Here are the common errors we see.

Undersized Corner Posts

A common mistake is using undersized corner posts. The problem here is that posts won’t set at the required depth if it’s too small in relation to the fence panels. This can especially be an issue if the ground is mostly composed of soil or sand. A professional can make assessments on the required post size or recommend rock drilling if necessary.

Posts Are not Evenly Spaced 

Another typical mistake is insufficient spacing. Landowners who attempt to self-install a fence often end up not using enough posts or panels in an effort to save on the cost of parts. Conversely, they may use too many, believing more is better. A professional can assess the number of posts and panels needed based on the desired size of the fence.

Wrong Energizer

Choosing the right energizer is also crucial. You need to have just the right output level, which is determined by the fence length. While you may be able to make an estimate on the required joules, a professional can make this determination with 100% precision.

We Prevent Cattle Fencing Mistakes in Deer Park

Do you have plans for a cattle fence installation for your Deer Park property? Take the initial step by contacting All Terrain Fence for a consultation. Prevent cattle fencing mistakes with professional installation. Apart from fencing, we also provide a number of related services, including gate and entryway installations. 

Avoid Cattle Fencing Mistakes in Deer Park

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May 04, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business