Livestock Fencing Options in Priest River

livestock fencing options Priest RiverAre you thinking about fortifying your ranch with livestock fencing? This provides your livestock with a pasture to roam while remaining safely confined. There are actually several livestock fencing options to consider. A contractor will help you determine which style is best for your needs. Here are the common fencing types used around farmlands in Priest River.

Horse Fencing

Horse fencing, as suggested in its name, is designed for horses. What makes this fencing different from others is that the panels are easily visible to horses, so they don’t run into them while galloping around the enclosure. 

Cattle Fencing

There is also fencing intended for cattle. Common materials include barbed and woven wire. However, high-tensile wire is also becoming a mainstay option favored by many ranch owners for its durability. Cattle fencing also provides optimal height to keep larger adult cattle confined.

Goat Fencing

Goats move around a lot and have been known to escape their enclosure. This is why it’s important to have fencing posts that are closely spaced. Your contractor may recommend custom panels.

Discover Our Livestock Fencing Options in Priest River

Now that you understand the types of livestock fencing options, discuss your needs with one of our contractors. Let All Terrain Fence help you determine your fencing needs, from fencing type to the dimension. We have years of providing fencing installation and repairs for farms and ranches all over Priest River. Apart from fencing, we also provide supplemental services, such as rock drilling. Our crew has the experience and tools of the trade to perform fencing work to the highest quality standards. 

Livestock Fencing Options in Priest River

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