Signs it’s Time for Livestock Fencing Replacement in Colville

livestock fencing replacement ColvilleLivestock fencing is an essential component for keeping your livestock within a safe enclosure while ensuring they have ample grazing space. While fencing is durable, they don’t last forever. Sooner or later, livestock fencing replacement is necessary for your Puyallup farm or ranch. Here are signs that indicate it may be time to swap out your aging fence.

Over 20 Years Old

Most livestock and horse and rail fencing last for about two decades. Once your fence reaches this age, have a professional perform an inspection.

High Annual Maintenance Costs

A professional will need to inspect your fence and perform necessary maintenance every year. As the fence gets older, it may require more maintenance. If you notice a gradual spike in maintenance costs, then it may be time for a replacement. Use this occasion to look at new options, such as fixed knot fencing.

Injured Livestock

Older fence panels may have sharp edges and pieces that stick out. Livestock that gets too close can get cut. It may be time to replace the fence or at least replace damaged panels if you notice increased injuries to your livestock. Cuts and puncture wounds in your livestock can lead to dangerous infections.

Time For Livestock Fencing Replacement in Colville?

If any of the above signs become apparent, then it’s time to contact All Terrain Fence for a consultation. An aging fence no longer has the durability of a newly installed fence. Nowadays, there are various styles of livestock fencing that provide years of reliable use. We also provide custom panels to ensure the fence is constructed to your individual and specific needs.

Livestock Fencing Replacement in Colville

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