Expert Deer and Elk Fencing Installation

deer and elk fencingDeer and elk fencing can be built in various designs and with a variety of materials from pressure treated or rough-cut wood to composites. Wire mesh can be added to help with predator control or to keep small animals in. We buy our materials locally, sourcing the very best quality items so you’ll enjoy a superior final product.

Dedication to Highest Quality Deer and Elk Fencing Installation

We’re very careful about the construction of our deer and elk fencing. The height of the fencing on flat is always at least 76 inches, with a few inches added to the uphill side of an enclosure built on sloping ground. While an adult deer in good condition can jump a 76-inch fence, this height has been used with great success because deer generally only jump that high when being chased. We use wooden posts of at least 9 1/2 feet in length and at least 5 inches in diameter at the top for corners, and wooden posts with a 3 inch top diameter or 8-foot studded T steel posts for line posts. If steel posts are used for line posts, every seventh post is wood treated with preservative for at least the bottom three feet. We sink wooden posts approximately 2 1/2 feet into the ground and set them about 15 feet apart, and we securely braced corners, angles, and at intervals along longer sections.

Wide Range of Farm & Ranch Fencing Options

In addition to power fencing, we offer a wide array of other animal fencing options including fixed knot fencingequi-fencinghorse rail fencing, power and rail fencing, post and board fencing, vinyl ranch rail fencing, and deer and elk fencing. We also provide custom panels, gates & entryways and rock-drilling services. If you need ranch, farm or other rural fencing, our technicians have the skill and experience to get the job done right regardless of your project’s terrain and specifications.

The Best Deer and Elk Fencing Available

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